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At The Grace Foundation, we strive to improve the quality of Christian education for Rochester Central Lutheran School (RCLS) in Rochester, MN. Our non-profit organization raises funds to promote faith-based education and to assist the RCLS students. We depend on membership dues and donations to help us achieve our goals, and we invite you to join us in this important work. Together, we can help RCLS create a better learning environment and award scholarships to deserving students who may not otherwise have access to Christian education. Click here to meet our Board members.

Our Vision

The Grace Foundation will serve as a trustworthy, secure, and transparent mechanism to contribute financial assistance to designated Christian schools. The Grace Foundation will also establish invested funds that allow a consistent distribution of financial aid for the advancement of Christian education in the Rochester, MN, area.

Our Mission

The mission of The Grace Foundation is to secure, cultivate, and distribute short-term and long-term financial resources on behalf of partner Christian schools in the Rochester, MN, area.

Core Objectives

Our core objectives are to generate reliable, robust and independent third-source funding that preserves and promotes Christian education for Rochester Central Lutheran School (RCLS). Additionally, the foundation will facilitate:

  • Building scholarship funds that support local families who may not otherwise find Christian education to be an affordable option
  • Cultivating and fostering alumni relations and enabling parents to continue their passionate support of RCLS
  • Absolving RCLS’ Board of Directors, administrators, and faculty of the burden of fundraising
  • Liberating RCLS’ faculty to focus on teaching, the administrators to focus on administrating, and the Board of Directors to perform oversight and strategic direction

The Grace Foundation Governance and Communication

  • The Foundation shall exist as a separate legal entity, a 501(c)3 organization
  • Membership is based on annual dues and is open to any individual, regardless of denomination
  • Excess funds beyond minimum operating expenses will be used for discretionary purposes to support Christian education at RCLS
  • A Board of Directors consisting of 7 individuals will be voted on by the membership periodically
  • The Board of Directors will meet monthly and will have an annual meeting that will be open to all members
  • The Chairperson of the Board will be elected by the Board of Directors of The Grace Foundation
  • Transparent, clear, bidirectional communication between The Grace Foundation and RCLS will be facilitated between the school administrator and The Grace Foundation Communications Chairperson
  • The Foundation will follow an established Investment Policy Statement for invested funds

The Grace Foundation is exempt from Federal income tax under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended. Contributions to The Grace Foundation are deductible for Federal income tax purposes in accordance with applicable laws. Please retain any acknowledgement from The Grace Foundation of your donation for income tax purposes. Although The Grace Foundation will consider any request regarding to which fund any donation will be directed, the Board of Directors of The Grace Foundation retains ultimate authority and control regarding the use of any donation.

Contact us to learn more about The Grace Foundation. We support Christian education for RCLS and local families in the Rochester, Minnesota, area.

The Grace Foundation - Rochester MN

Support Christian education for RCLS by becoming a member of our organization.
Contact The Grace Foundation Board at information@grace-foundation.org.