RCLS has been abundantly blessed through the generosity and support of The Grace Foundation (TGF). Specifically, TGF has provided our faculty, staff, parents, and students with a glimpse of what can happen if you have resources. Vison without resources is just a hope. TGF helps RCLS to make our vision reality. The partnership between TGF and RCLS will ensure the ability to provide outstanding academic experience within a community of Christians for decades to come. Please consider supporting this partnership by becoming a member of TGF today.

Grace. Faith. Learning for Life!

– RCLS Principal

Contributions To Rochester Central Lutheran School

Technology Upgrade

Subsequent upgrades in 2018 included a 300 Mb/second fiber optic system (which drastically improved bandwidth), phones, and 36 security cameras.

The donations we receive allow us to help schools such as RCLS make vital updates that enhance the productivity and safety of the learning environment.

Gymnasium Project

We facilitated a renovation to the gymnasium in 2017, again thanks to our donors. The gym floor was replaced for the first time, as well as the replacement of mats, lighting, folding chairs, and a fresh coat of paint was applied.

Air Conditioning

In 2016, our fundraising efforts allowed us to install air conditioning units in 11 lower level elementary classrooms.

CreatorSpace Room

Rochester Central Lutheran School (RCLS) developed a CreatorSpace room, which was constructed in 2015. Thanks to the generous donors, we were able to supply this space with cabinetry, mobile tables and stools, 3D printers, robots, laptops, and art supplies for creative exploration and the integration of art/tech projects.

Variable Tuition

We believe in the importance of making a quality Christian education accessible to students whose families may not find a faith-based school affordable. We work directly with the administrators of RCLS to distribute financial aid to families through a Variable Tuition program.

Contact us to learn more about how you can impact The Grace Foundation and their partnership with Rochester Central Lutheran School.